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Premature Graying: How to Stop White or Gray Hair? 

Causes of white hair growth

Premature graying of hair or white hair has several underlying causes, both known and unknown to us. Let’s discuss them all:

  1. Stress: Prolonged exposure to stress or stressful situations can adversely impact your hair and scalp health. Chronic stress is largely linked to premature graying of hair. 
  2. Melanin deficiency: Sometimes, low melanin levels can also be a reason for the increased growth of white hair. Many conditions may affect melanin production in the body, including age, genetics, sun damage, etc. 
  3. Malnutrition: Lack of vitamins like B5 & B12, Iron, and other minerals can lead to a lack of color in your hair. It may also lead to hair loss and dryness. 
  4. Low serotonin: Reduced or no workouts and low sleep levels don’t help in enhancing serotonin levels in your body but only cause the opposite. 

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